Creative Room: Toilet

Did you know that the toilet is a very creative place?

On the 19th September 2014, I was allowed to hold a presentation at Creative Mornings Berlin. The task was to present a 30 second long presentation with another two pitchers. I did a presentation dealing about the toilet as a creative room, for which I prepared three DIN A2 Posters.
The toilet could be your next efficient creative place! It’s isolating and the rituals there puts your mindset on a neutral modus. The phenomenon “l’esprit de l’escalier” or “Treppenwitz” can help you to get the right solution for a task you might have. It describes a reflecting moment after a situation, wehre you get the right solution. Maybe you forgot a very important word in a discussion and you remember it a while after it. So, if you have any issues with a project and you need a creative idea or solution, the toilet might be the right place for you. Good luck!